Rad ’90s Design Collection by @el_juantastico

Add some of artist Juan Rodriguez’ (aka @el_juantastico) ’90s art with a modern spin to your Spark creations! Tap into his starting points below to add his style to you Sparks. Be sure to tag @el_juantastico when you share your Sparks!

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This collection is a part of the Spark Style Maker series, where Spark users get exclusive access to unique design ingredients and assets from emerging creatives and tastemakers. Remix their work into your own creation with Adobe Spark, the easiest way to create standout graphics, webpages, and videos!

About the Artist

Art Director of Creative Blast Studio Juan Rodriguez’s ’90s inspired designs with a funky modern twist, have led him to a dedicated fan following. His kinetic movement, hand-created elements, neon splashes, and electric vibes in his designs have turned major heads. His work has been commissioned by The Washington Post as well as a designing a limited edition run of Toblerone chocolates, a collaboration with Sharpie, and being published in a book Good Type: The Art of Lettering and Color By Fab. Remix Juan’s templates and share them on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag @el_juantastico to share the love!