Creative Fitness Challenge #2: Create a Quote Graphic

Ready for your next challenge? In this video Veronica Belmont—your very own branding coach—shows how easy it is to utilize Spark Post’s mobile app to awesome and easy social posts.

With Adobe Spark, making gorgeous social posts is literally as easy as tapping a few buttons. Best of all, since you set up your brand in the first challenge, your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts are ready and waiting for you.

Pro-tip: You can resize your creation to fit any social media platform. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make a stunning post in two or three minutes. Gone are the days of making new posts from scratch. Use your newly made graphic as a template for future posts. It’s easier than couch aerobics. Open your graphic in the Adobe Spark app, hit Duplicate, and then edit. Work in creative sprints (making 5-10 posts in one go) and schedule your quote graphics to go live at the time and on the day you need. Making 10 #MotivationMonday posts in one go means you’ll have 2.5 months of Monday content ready to rock in a 20 minute work session. That’s a social media muscle to brag about.

Get started in seconds by using any of the quote templates below (just tap from your mobile phone!) or searching Spark’s Inspiration Wall. Share your creation with #SparkCreativeFitness and we’ll re-share our favorites!

Awesome work! We’ll see you tomorrow for another fitness challenge! Or you can work ahead and get started editing your Spark Page and Spark Video themes! Check out the next challenge here.

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