Fun, Funky Stickers to Add to Your Valentines!

Take your Valentine’s Day greetings and cards to the next level with fun PNG cutouts you can place over photos and Spark Post graphics. We’ve created funky fresh PNGs and greeting templates to get you started. Share a personal, custom card with Valentines and social media followers to spread love in seconds.

To use these PNGs in your designs, click “create from template” to copy the pack and its elements into your Spark Post account. Then add your own photos and words to create a unique greeting or meme. Just want to use one sticker? Duplicate the pack design and delete the elements that you don’t want.

For the Lisa Frank-Loving Valentine

Unicorns, rainbows, hearts, and stars—these packs will remind your favorite 90s baby of simpler, radder times.

Create from Template

The Writing’s on the Wall

Add street art to your greetings and cards with these cutouts courtesy of Unsplash photographers.

Your Love in Lights

Light up the feed with these neon cutouts!

For the Four-Legged Valentine

There’s no purer love than the love for animals. These forever-Valentines deserve a little extra recognition this holiday…don’t forget the chew toys and extra treats, too.

For Your Cupcake

Sweetie pies and love muffins will <3 these pun-ready PNGs.

For a Vintage Kind of Love

Timeless love calls for sepia-toned greetings and vintage ephemera.

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