Learn how to make a slideshow on an iPhone.

You don’t need a high-end computer to make amazing slideshows. Learn how to create and share photo slideshows directly on your iPhone.

Sometimes you want to share photos from your iPhone but sending dozens of individual pictures isn’t always practical. A better idea is to create a slideshow video of your photos — that way you can get away with sharing only one single file.

It’s not hard to create a video, either. Here’s how to make a slideshow on your iPhone with an easy-to-use tool like Adobe Premiere Rush.

Six steps to make a slideshow on an iPhone.

  1. Launch the Premiere Rush app. Tap the Plus symbol on the bottom toolbar to create a new project.
  2. Tap Add Media and choose the photos you want to feature. You can also snap new photos directly in the app.
  3. Premiere Rush creates a timeline and places your photos on it as clips. You can rearrange and move your clips by tapping and holding them and dragging them around.
  4. Tap a clip once to select it. You can trim it by dragging the orange handles that appear around the clip.
  5. Add titles, transitions, motion, and other effects. Move the playhead to the appropriate position on the timeline and select the option you want from the bottom toolbar.
  6. Once your slideshow looks good, tap the Share icon in the title bar and share your slideshow video on social media.

Do more with your videos.

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