When is the best time to post on X?



The best time to post on X (previously known as “Twitter”) is when most of your followers are online. This is a no-brainer. But figuring out when your audience is most likely to like, comment, or share your posts, complicates the question—and turns it into a strategic discussion. This post looks at how you can strategically publish to X to get the maximum from your content marketing efforts. Data used to compile this report sourced through this study by Sprout Social as well as other sources linked to throughout the post.

The best days times to post on X.

 The worst day to post on X.

X is one of the first places people visit for news and updates. It’s also a key channel for customers to contact brands directly through comments, mentions, and direct messages. Any business using X should include a social media customer care strategy.

The most popular and best time slot for posting on X looks to be 7am - 9am on a Friday, while Wednesday at 9am is also a popular time, with engagement levels remaining strong throughout the day. Saturday, however, was the worst day to post on X.

According to Hubspot, the best time to post on X is from noon to 3pm or later at 5pm. This data coincides with the lunchtime catch-up, the afternoon slump, and the time people are on the commute home—all good times to check your X feed.

QuickSprout advises posting from noon all the way to 6pm and recommends avoiding weekends altogether. Finally, Hootsuite research shows that the best time to post on X is between 9am and 4pm on Monday and Thursday, particularly from 11am to 1pm.

How often should you post on X?

X posts come and go at the speed of light so you may be tempted to post as much as possible in order to grab your audience’s attention. Don’t give in to this urge.

Your brand should post on X about three times per day. If you have enough new, original content being produced as a part of your social content strategy. Global brands should post around the clock to ensure they connect with their audience in all time zones. There’s no point in posting bad content just to reach that three times per day frequency. Your audience will get tired of your bard content and your X engagement levels will plummet.

Check out our full guide to the best times to post on social media. While you’re at it, try out the Content Scheduler today to schedule out your social posts at the ideal times and frequencies.

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