Don’t Boo, Vote! 15 Winning Templates to Get Out the Vote

Organizers of last month’s National Voter Registration Day set out to register 300,000 new voters. What they accomplished instead was astounding: more than 800,000 new voters registered on a single day. The high stakes of this presidency contribute to the soaring numbers, but that’s not the only reason for the campaign’s success: this year, more than years prior, the campaign tapped into the power of social media for civic organizing and grassroots advocacy.

Time reports the number of tweets with the campaign hashtag, #BeAVoter, was twice as high this year as it was in 2016. Twitter was one of the many partners of the campaign and it gave the effort a huge nudge by putting an encouraging message with the hashtag and a link to register at the top of users’ feeds. Small reminders like this one on social platforms translate to real results when it comes to driving civic engagement and participation.

So how can you tap into the ballot-boosting power of your own social networks? As with most things here at Spark, we believe that well-thought-out design paired with a clear message can go a long way, and that’s why we cooked up a batch of fresh election-themed templates to help you spread the word. Click any of the images below to personalize them: raise awareness around voting requirements and processes in your state, spark conversation around the issues that matter to you most, and inspire others to get involved. Go get ‘em, voter!

**Vote Like You Meme It
**Elections are serious business, but your messaging doesn’t have to be. Take a cue from some iconic political speeches and imagery in the templates below to rally enthusiasm and inspire—dare we say—electoral glee.

**FOMO for a Cause
A 2012 study found that people who were told by Facebook that their friends had voted were .39 percent more likely to vote. By sharing your voting status, you may remind or encourage friends and family in your network to do the same. Swap the image in the templates below to set off a ripple effect.

Map It Out
Zero in on the specific issues, races, and deadlines that affect your state with these customizable map templates, and instantly grab the attention of constituents in your area. For instance, move the star to your state on the template below and share why you plan to vote. Or, sub out the state icons in the voter registration deadline to share important information.

Create from Template

Create from Template

**Share Your Endoresements
**The endorsements of trusted friends and family can make a big difference on Election Day. Share where you stand on the key propositions and races in your district or state, or ask someone you know to fill out and share for your own reference.

**The Nitty-Gritty
**Registration deadlines and requirements surrounding IDs are different for every state. Demystify the process by sharing details that may be relevant to potential voters in your network, and help ensure everyone’s voice is heard and counted on Election Day.

Create from Template

**The Big Picture
**Civic engagement is about policy and platforms, but it’s also about emotions. Go big and broad with reminders of the value of voting and what’s at stake, and get your friends and family (and even those peripheral social-media acquaintances) fired up about shaping the future of the nation.

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