How to Boost Your Photography Business with Adobe Spark

Running a photography business isn’t just about making beautiful art. Marketing yourself, communicating effectively with clients, and making your work shine on social are all key drivers to success, especially in this highly competitive industry. But most people we know likely didn’t get into the art of photography to become a marketer and even more, regardless of industry, have trouble figuring out how to present their brand in effective and efficient ways. We get it; marketing has historically been time-consuming and talking about yourself can be uncomfortable. What doesn’t have to be painful is developing engaging marketing collateral that looks good anywhere and largely lets your work speak for itself. With Adobe Spark‘s seamless integration with Lightroom, mobile-optimized output, web solution and companion iOS apps, marketing your work can become fully integrated with your workflow so you can spend more time honing your craft.

Here’s how Spark can help make the marketing side of your business easy, fast—and even fun. Build your brand while connecting with current and future clients—no web development or design experience required.

Simple, Easy Webpages

As a photographer, Adobe Spark Page is your go-to tool for making your work as shareable and beautiful as it can be. If you need a website but don’t want to spend any time or money developing one, you can make scrolling portfolio-style webpages in minutes. Beautiful layouts and themes make your work shine:

Add your best shots to Spark Page and include clickable buttons to your social channels or wherever else you want to drive readers to. Make sure you add how to contact you in a prominent places—we suggest both at the top of the page and at the bottom. Update the page at anytime with new photos and projects, with just a few clicks.

Pro-Tip: Did you know you can remove Spark’s branding at the footer? We’ll try not to take it personally…

“But I already have a website. What can I use Page for?”
I’m so glad you asked! Even if you have a snazzy website, you likely don’t have a ton of time to update it with each new project you take on. Spark Page’s embed feature is the solution. Create quick scrolling web stories and drop the embed code on a page in your website so the content is always fresh. Check out how photographer Marty Cohen does it:

Subtle animation when you hover over the photo story makes the content highly clickable and Spark’s analytics displays the number of views and appreciates the project has received.

Actionable Invitations and Special Promotions

Say you’re offering a special deal or you’re trying to assert yourself as an authority and earn some money by offering photography workshops, tours, or lessons. Use Spark Page to get the word out there. Spark Page is really just a simple, effective landing page that requires no development work, helping you get events and promotions off the ground quickly. Here’s one example from Scott Bourne and Robert O’Toole’s sold-out photography adventure:

Adobe Spark Page

Dazzling Client Communication

Spark Page is a great, easy way to deliver clients selects and present their shoots in a vivid, instantly shareable way. Instead of bulky files, give clients a quick glimpse of the best shots with Spark Page so they can provide direction. Imagine being able to give clients teasers by the time the shoot is done—with Page it’s possible to add photos from Lightroom so it’s a seamless part of the editing workflow. You can also go the extra mile by creating dazzling web stories that they’ll be inclined to share—acting as promoters for your business. Wedding photographer Carl Duffy creates photo journals for every wedding he shoots, which his clients often share with their friends, family, and on social networks.

Adobe Spark Page

Pro-Tip: Make sure you include a button to your website so the content becomes an organic, mini advertisement for you business.

Gorgeous Media Kits That Get You Gigs

Travel photographer and influencer Trey Ratcliff uses Spark Page for his media kit, which summarizes who and what he’s about, showcases his best work, and captures the full breadth of what Trey offers clients and media partners. We love how he mixes his best work with eye-catching pull quotes, text, and graphics about his social reach and business.

Adobe Spark Page

Eye-Catching Pitches and Visual Stories Editors Love

A great way to increase your profile is to get your work placed in publications. But how do you make your work stand out from the deluge of pitches editors get on a daily basis? Freelance photojournalist Bill Kotsatos who covers political and social issues use Spark to communicate with editors while in the field reporting to great success.

“In the cases of breaking news I’m forced to jump on a story before having landed an actual assignment,” Kotsatos explains, “Then once in its throes, I look for a lull in the acton to duck away and pitch my editors.”

“It’s a fairly standard procedure among freelancers like myself but after a colleague turned me on to Spark, I quickly realized how much better images display on the platform. Plus Spark’s text capabilities allow for a cleaner, crisp appearance. And once an editor clicks on my Spark link they’re taken into the action straight away, as opposed to having to wait for what I attached in a plain-text email to download.”

Other investigative photojournalists have taken to using Spark’s visual storytelling capabilities to self-publish their work. Up-and-coming photojournalist Mike Schwarz pursues stories on his own, compiles them in Spark Page and then shops it around as a finished piece. If it finds a home at a traditional publication, that’s great but if not, important stories still get told in vivid, professional ways that boosts this storyteller’s brand. Check out his latest moving piece:

Adobe Spark Page

Pro-Tip: Want to get noticed or retweeted by a publication? Journalists and editors tend to use Twitter to source stories and find interesting angles. Try targeting editors and writers on Twitter by @-messaging them with a link to your work. Lead with an image and include the link to your Spark Page.

Compelling Content Marketing

Content marketing is advertising for people who are allergic to self-promotion. Good content allows you to forge real connections with readers and generate leads and traffic for your business at the same time. As a photographer, you’re creating content all the time. Make it work for you by packaging your photos into engaging stories that will increase your social reach and act as mini, subtle advertisements for your business. Action photographer Johany Jutras, for instance, uses her paying gigs covering the Canadian Football League into an opportunity to market her book by creating weekly recaps of the games she covers. (Notice how there’s a link to where readers can buy her book in every story.) These self-published stories have made her an authority in the space and allowed her to grow her social media following while landing more and more gigs and getting her book in front of her highly targeted and engaged audience.

Adobe Spark Page

Learn more about how Johany markets herself with engaging content and savvy social media.

Pro-tip: Make sure you provide multiple points of access to turn readers or followers into customers. Use Spark Page buttons to drive to your website or social media pages within your content. Or invite readers to subscribe to your newsletter or participate in a special offer.

Go the Extra Mile with Spark Page’s Sister Apps

While Spark Page is a photographer’s marketing bread and butter, Spark Post and Spark Video are also powerful tools to take your social media to the next level. Here’s how:

Optimize Your Images for Social and Break Into New Markets with Spark Post
Make sure your brand stays with the photos you share on social by adding your handle or logo to photos with Spark Post. And just as important, rapidly optimize images for any social network by resizing the images with just a couple taps—Spark Post automatically knows what dimensions your image needs to be for each network.

You could even go the extra mile for clients by quickly mocking up designs so clients can see their photos in context. Even if you’re not a designer, your photographer’s eye and Spark Post’s easy design tools could make you a one-stop photography and design shop. Hello, vertical integration!

Customize this design with your own photos and your client’s information.

Customize this design!

Experiment with Social Media’s Hottest Format with Spark Video
Video captures attention and engages audiences in ways that static text and images cannot and video content is becoming integral to every social media network, making it one of this year’s biggest social media trends. Instantly turn your photos into an animated video with Spark Video—it’s as easy as adding content to slides. Upload the content natively to your social channels to garner the most reach.

This portrait photographer used Spark Video to offer followers a retrospective on her year and thank her clients:

Have you used Spark in creative ways to boost your business? Share your success story by dropping us a note or tagging #AdobeSpark on social.

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