Tips for Making Your Holiday Promos and Sales Sizzle + 19 Free Templates

The holidays are here and businesses big and small are looking for ways to engage their customers on social media. Read on for ten tips to help you make the most of the shopping season, plus plenty of design inspiration to get you started. Gather inspiration from the videos and webpages below created by entrepreneurs in the Adobe Spark community and click any of the graphics to create from professionally designed templates.

Stop Thumbs with Bold Type

Nothing subtle about these sales advertisements! Bold type serves to stop thumbs in their tracks, so you can deliver a clear, concise message about your sale.

Pick Your Big Shopping Days

Maybe your target customers are big Black Friday shoppers or perhaps you’d like to promote your online store with Cyber Monday. Or maybe you want to buck tradition and offer last-minute shoppers something special on a different day entirely. Whatever your shopping moment is, be sure to let your followers know the when, where, and how. These templates can get you started:

Social Post Template

Social Media Template

Tie Your Promotions to Charitable Giving

Graphic Template

Purchases that do good give your customers extra reason to choose you. Consider giving discounts to shoppers who donate old coats, for instance. Or forgo Black Friday promotions altogether, like REI did to viral results with their #optoutside campaign a couple years ago. #GivingTuesday, the charitable antidote to the more consumer-driven days before it, is a good time to reach social conscious consumers as long as you’re engaging in an authentic way.

Promote Sales in Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories generate even more engagement than Instagram posts—one in five stories will receive a DM response—so it’s a great place to promote your sale. And now verified accounts can add links to their stories to drive traffic. It’s easy to create professional-looking Instagram Stories with Adobe Spark—one tap will apply simple motion to your graphic (look under the effects tab on Adobe Spark iOS). Create from this template to get started.

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Encourage Engagement with Giveaways

Contests and giveaways can be great for boosting engagement, especially when the method of entry is all about sharing experiences or tagging friends. To get these going, you need to identify your goal: do you want to increase your followers (consider asking entries to share a photo or tag a friend), get people posting about you (ask followers to show how they use your product with a photo or video), generate email leads (gather entries by having them fill out a survey or a form). Use your end goal to conceive the method of entry and appropriate prize for the effort. Then create a destination where you communicate all the details and rules. Use social posts, such as the one above to promote the high-level details and drive to the holiday campaign landing page. Make sure to build a quick landing page for these special offers with Adobe Spark to lock in conversions. IG Stories with a reward or free gift also up your holiday shopping allure. Try remixing the two IG story templates below to engage your customers.

Pro-Tip: Customize the social media post made with Adobe Spark to look and feel like an extension of your website by taking advantage of Adobe Spark subscription. Then grab the embed code from the share flow and add it to your website for a seamless experience—no web development necessary!

Take it Offline

Social Media Post Design

Make the shopping experience extra fun and build community at the same time by creating an in-person shopping moment. Get together with neighboring businesses to promote an evening shopping event. Lure shoppers with special holiday treats and crafts or visits from Santa.

Give Your Products a Holiday Photo Shoot

The end of the year is a time for reflection and refreshing as we look to a new year. Give your products a new look with a holiday or new years themed photo shoot. See the Adobe Spark lookbook below for flatlay styling inspiration.

Adobe Spark Page

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Give Your Supporters or Community Something Special

Friends and Family Sale Ad Template

Thank your most engaged followers or supporters with a special promotion or giveaway just for them. Loyalty programs or random surprise and delight campaigns can help you build a loyal fan base that will sing your praises all year long.

Put Sales in Consumer Context

Whenever you can solve a problem for a customer, you’re on a good track. Think about common or universal inconveniences and position yourself or your product as the solution.

Or have fun with a nod to pop-culture references, like this template does.
20% Off Sale Winter is Coming Social Media Post Template

Increase Views and Engagement with Video

Video grabs eyeballs and has the highest engagement across every social platform. But you don’t need to do fancy video shoots or hire an editor to craft simple, yet effective video ads. Take this slideshow video above that showcases a product and uses text to deliver one simple message. Simply add your product photos or video clips to the simple Adobe Spark video editor and let free or branded themes take care of the rest.

Pro-Tip: Craft a social media-optimized square video by centering your content and text in the middle of the slides. When you upload the content to Instagram, the sides of your video will automatically be cropped out.

Inspire with Digital Gift Guides, Catalogues, and Lookbooks

Send a Holiday Sock Gram Social Media Post

Most people who browse social media are looking for clever ideas and inspiration, so posts that seek to inspire rather than sell will likely generate more engagement. Sometimes you want your design to push a particular sale or to communicate something very direct, like many of the templates above. These examples, however, put the gift inspiration as the main focus.
Stocking Stuffer Social Media Post Template

Use this Pinterest graphic to drive browsers to a collection of products on your site.

Don’t have time to re-do your website for the holidays? Consider making a destination with Adobe Spark and you can get your webpage up in a few minutes. These simple webpages look great on any device to boot. Just add images, text, and even video to the simple AdobSpark editor and with Adobe Spark subscription, use its premium features to make it look and feel like your brand. See how FashNerd inspires with their Adobe Spark-made gift guides:

Adobe Spark Page

Pro-tip: be sure to include links and buttons back to your site to encourage browsers to buy.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash