Video editing software and tips.

You no longer have to be a Hollywood filmmaker to create great video content. Smartphones packed with powerful cameras and editing apps – and the popularity of social media platforms – mean we’re all directing our own movies. But to make those movies look good, you need the right video editing software.

Video editing software transforms your rough footage into polished packages – whatever your level. You can edit footage, add graphics, effects and transitions, then export for social media, TV, or film.

So whether you’re a marketer craving audience engagement, an amateur skater making a showreel, or an aspiring video professional needing the best kit – read on for the tools and advice to become a better video editor. 

Discover how to edit unskippable videos today

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  • Beginner. “I want to start making my video content look good.”
  • Pro. “I want to take my video content to the next level.”

  • Business. “I want to use videos to promote a brand.”

Video editing for beginners.

Easily edit videos from start to finish with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Get the best video editing apps.

You’re just getting started with video editing. Perhaps you’re a bedroom guitarist shooting for YouTube – maybe you’re a cat enthusiast dreaming of influencer stardom. Learn more about the video editing tools that’ll help your video content shine.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro

The industry standard in professional film and video editing.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Create graphics, web pages and video stories in no time.

Adobe After Effects

After Effects

Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics.

How-to guides and tutorials for video editing.

New to video editing? Hit the ground running with our suite of guides and tutorials. Learn how to add filters to your video, crop and compress, and get started with editing on your smartphone with the right apps.

Top Tip: Get up and running fast with our guide to five basic video editing tips. Learn how to import footage and create a sequence.

Video editing for pros.

Get the best video editing apps.

You’re serious about video editing. You may be studying video production or film studies at college or perhaps looking to give your YouTube channel a professional makeover. For this, you need the best video editing tools.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is the industry standard software for professional video editing. Think Hollywood movies on the big screen and TV ads on the small screen. Think slick social media content from broadcasters, brands, and the biggest influencers. With Premiere Pro you can:

✓     Edit raw footage in any video format including 8K
✓     Use editing techniques to realise your vision
✓     Work fast using lightweight proxy workflows
✓     Automatically locate original edit points with AI
✓     Work seamlessly with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps

Learn how our video editing apps compare

Too advanced? Check out our beginner video editing products

Discover professional video editing tips and advice.

Even pros have stuff to learn. Take your already accomplished video editing skills up another level by plugging any gaps that exist in your knowledge. Master techniques such as editing GoPro video, stabilising video, and converting video to GIF.


Top Tip: You can create Hollywood-style visual effects in After Effects and import into your Premiere Pro video project without the need for intermediate rendering.
Learn how.

Video editing for businesses.

Get the best video editing apps.

You’re a digital marketer and you’ve heard video is the best way to make waves. Digital marketing and video go hand in hand – from Instagram Stories to YouTube Branded Content. People want it, too – 54% of all people want marketers to put out more video content, says HubSpot. But how do you get involved?

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is ideal for businesses wanting to create and publish professional video content on their channels. With Premiere Pro you can:

✓     Edit video into shorter social media stories or longer YouTube interviews
✓     Trim and arrange your clips in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
✓     Introduce stock B-roll footage so you can cut away from interviews
✓     Make any transitions between shots slick and smooth
✓     Add titles and graphics and voiceovers and audio tracks for a pro feel

Learn how our video editing apps compare

Discover professional video editing tips and advice.

Whether you’re in digital marketing or brand comms, you may be supported by a video team or be tasked with doing everything yourself. If you need to improve your knowledge of video editing for a work project, get started with our guides and tips.

Top Tip: There are five steps to follow when making a marketing video for your business. Plan, script, shoot, edit and add voice overs.
Explore the five steps in detail.

Get expert tips on video editing.

Whether you’re a budding influencer, bedroom guitarist, or brand marketer, there are some video editing fundamentals to master. Below we’ve grouped articles written by expert authors on some of these main areas – from storyboarding to shot lists. Learn from the best to be the best you can be.

Compare video editing features.

Whether you’re looking for a simple or advanced video editor, our feature-rich apps will meet your needs.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Beautiful slideshows, moving stories, presentations, ads, and invites are simple to produce with Spark – a free online video editor for PC, tablet, and phone

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro

The best video editing software for web, TV, and feature productions. Trim, edit, apply transitions and effects, adjust colour, and add titles and graphics.

Adobe After Effects

After Effects

The creative’s first choice for designing visuals, Adobe After Effects excels at producing stunning graphics and eye-catching effects.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

After Effects

Adobe Spark Video

Spark Video

Ability to trim clips

Easy templates

Editing on the timeline



Video compositing

Advanced effects

Advanced transitions

Special effects

Advanced compositing

Motion graphics

Multicam editing

VR editing

Audio editing

Desktop app

Mobile app

Web app

Get started on your favourite social network.

Social media is packed with video: People watch over one billion hours of video every day on YouTube. On Instagram, over 500 million people interact with Instagram Stories daily, too.

To give your video a fighting chance of standing out, it needs to look good and feel professional. Our video editing for social media hub shows you how to:

✓     Edit content on your smartphone with Premiere Rush
✓     Use Premiere Pro tools to make editing faster
✓     Share clips directly to your social media feeds

And much more.


Frequently asked questions about video editing.

Linear and non-linear are different types of video editing. You could call them analogue and digital. Linear editing is how things were done pre-digital using reels of film and VCRs. The edits had to be made in the order they came on the reels of film. Non-linear is the modern standard. It’s done using computer software like Adobe Premiere Pro. It gives you a digital timeline, and you can edit at any point.

Video editing is a skill which, like any other creative or technical practice, takes time to learn. But modern video editing software and apps mean it’s easier to learn video editing today than it was in the days of analogue film editing. Also, there’s a wealth of information online from trusted brands like Adobe to help you develop your video editinag skills. Video tutorials, how-to guide, and explainers await.

Video editors must develop technical skills to use the relevant software. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the basics of video editing – by, for example, learning about importing footage, assembling clips into a sequence, and adjusting audio levels. Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry standard video editing software, so that’s a good place to start.

Every boxset, movie, documentary, or advert will have been created by professional video editors. Their main job is to transform raw footage from the shoot into a compelling story that meets the director’s objectives, where possible. Video editor jobs are often at creative agencies but can also be in-house depending on the company.

Great video editors combine in-depth technical skills with softer, but highly valuable, traits. An ability to work under pressure and to deadlines is important – as too is good diplomacy and communication skills, and a great deal of patience (you’ll be telling people when things aren’t possible, after all). A keen eye is important too, the ability to see problems and mistakes others may miss.

Many universities offer degrees in media production and film studies, which cover video editing among other skills. If you didn’t want to follow the academic route, film schools and professional workplace training providers also offer courses. During Hollywood’s Golden Age, great directors made transitions from being office post boys and suchlike. But though not totally unheard of, such leaps are less of an occurrence today.

To improve your video editing skills, you should practise as often as you can. Familiarise yourself with the basics of video editing software, and then look to build on those skills. Adobe has a wealth of tutorials and how-to guides to make you’re a better video editor. Also, read books of the craft of film editing and watch classic movies, TV shows, and ads.

Some 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2021, says HubSpot. And 93% say video is an important part of their marketing strategy. Why is this? Well, consumers – people – like video. It’s easy to engage with compared to a long article, entertaining, and generally tells them stuff they want to know. And more importantly stuff you want them to know.

We’ve covered everything you could want to know about video editing – whether you’re a beginner, pro, or creating video as part of your job. Begin your video editing journey with Adobe today.


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