6 Logo Design Tips for Business Owners

Your logo is your voice.

Create your own business logos

If your business is going to grow organically, your logo needs to be distinctive and descriptive. As a business owner, finding cash to pay a professional designer may be difficult. But if you know what you’re doing, there’s no reason why you can’t create your own business logo. If you want to do it yourself, these simple tips should help you create something professional and effective.

Think outside the box.
Some of the world’s most recognizable brands are represented by a quirky or seemingly unrelated logo. Take Mercedes, for instance. The luxury German car brand has a logo that doesn’t include a car. The same principle applies to Apple, Adidas, Nike, and Ferrari. Think of something that will set your brand apart from the competition. And before you decide to run with it, check that there’s nothing similar already out there.
Understand your brand.
A brand is basically how people perceive a business — not how you perceive it. Take a few days to think about what you do and how you enrich the lives of others. While your logo doesn’t have to feature your main product, it does have to reflect what you’re trying to do and your business name. The Wikipedia logo, for example, features an unfinished globe puzzle with various language symbols. The Apple logo has a “byte” taken from it. These logos haven’t only endured, they’ve transcended their own natural environments.
Use color wisely.
Some of the world’s most successful and iconic brands have made a particular color their own. In fact, just seeing this color makes consumers think about a unique brand. Coca-Cola’s classic red and The Home Depot’s bright orange are two great examples. It’s also worth remembering that certain colors initiate a specific psychological response in people. Red, for example, is energetic, sexy, and bold. Yellow is the color of optimism, while purple is spiritual and evocative.
Use a powerful logo maker.
Unless you’re a skilled graphic designer, you’re going to need an intuitive, easy-to-use design platform to create a killer logo. Fortunately, there are several free online logo makers on the market today. Adobe Spark, for example, is a click-based system that anyone can use. This kind of design platform is very easy to use. Learn the basics through trial and error. And make as many changes to your design as you see necessary. You can even kick-start the process by selecting a ready-made template. A few clicks of your mouse can make it your own.
Keep things simple.
It’s always the simple logos that become global icons. Think of FedEx or Amazon. Both feature only two colors, yet both are instantly recognizable. And in the case of Amazon’s logo, consumers are given a simple idea of what the company offers. An arrow goes from A to Z, denoting the company’s mammoth inventory of products. Adidas is another great example. Yes, the logo has changed over the years. But the basics have always remained the same. The classic font tells half the story, and the unmistakable three parallel bars complete the message.
Evolve your creation.
Creating a killer logo with global appeal isn’t a science. Some logos deliver instant success, while others require time and marketing to take hold. And some will never connect to their target audience. Be patient with your initial creation. Give it time to develop its own relationship with the public. Take any feedback seriously. And if your logo isn’t working, think about what’s required for success. In many cases, a very subtle change to the design is all that’s needed.

Create your own business logos

Creating a business logo requires an understanding of your brand and your customer base. Think about what makes your business unique and go from there.

Adobe Spark business logo examples.