13 Boldly Colorful Instagram Accounts That’ll Light Up Your Feed

We love a muted color scheme and a well-placed vintage filter, but lately the Instagram accounts that have been catching our eye have gone for vibrant, modern colors. Gather inspiration from these bold feeds and see if a pop of color will help you gain Instagram followers like these popular accounts.

@rose_tinted_glasses proving fall isn’t just for reds, browns, or plums.

Don’t underestimate what a colorful wall can do for a photo or a design. We shudder to think How many incredible, colorful, textured walls went unphotographed before Instagram.

There are even whole accounts dedicated to curating the world’s most photo-worthy walls.

Prepare to get lose an hour or two in this account, which curates Instagram’s most brilliant talents.

Beautiful pictures with brilliant branding tips.

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We love the consistent color palette used throughout this account.

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We love laser-focused accounts like this one.

The off-center alignment makes this shot standout. Get more iPhone photography tips.

It’s impossible to not be happy looking at this photo.

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